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Resource Management & Resource Views doesn't seem to work!

Nick Slater
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

I introduced Smartsheet to our company about a year ago and since ten it has become a business critical tool for all our projects and client collaborations. We implemented the resource management feature about 3 months ago and consistently seem to encounter problems. Has anyone else found the following issues and if you have how did you fix them?

It seems that randomly a project will suddenly stop filtering through to the resource management view which means my team overschedule resources unknowingly. As part of this the little red men showing over resourcing disappear.

This is causing our business major problems and if we cannot find a solution to these we will have to look for another tool. I have been a champion of Smartsheet since introducing it but cannot argue for it's use if it does not work properly... 


  • Hi Nick - 

    I would contact Support@smartsheet.com for help - the only reason that the red icons should disappear is that the date has passed. Could that be what's happening?

  • Thanks Kara, I've logged a question with support but heard nothing back as yet. There is definately something wrong here. We have a separate sheet that we capture everyone's holidays on so it feeds through to resourcing and we don't schedule people to work on projects when they are on holiday. It stopped showing up in the resource Management about 2 weeks ago so we added the holidays to another sheet that was showing up and switch off the resource management for the holidays sheet. I just tried switching resource management back on for the holidays sheet and it is now working again!!!

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