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Links in webforms that link to OTHER webforms

Patti Steele
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Hi there,

One of my clients has many events that occur at their main event. I have created a webform for the various stakeholders to request catering, AV, etc.  I had challenges in distilling the data down to a usable function.  There were 85 columns because I had to much information in one place.  I created other sheets that I would offload that information to.  I created an AV subform, and when someone clicked, "Yes, I need AV", I would send them a link to the AV subform to complete.  It was a good way to make sure everything was correct.

In order to automate this process for 2018, I want to embed the links to those other various subforms in my master webform.  I've set that up and it works!  Big problem is that when someone gets to the part that says, "Do you have AV needs? If so, click here:  https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/65ff1cf7e88d4f49bbe031b5dfaa2"  it takes them to that subform (awesome)...but then, they can't get back to the master webform they had already started filling out. 

Is there any way to have them go back to the spot they were on for the master webform? When they hit "Submit" on the bottom of the subform, can it take them back automatically to the master form they were just working on?   If they have to go back and re-fill out the form every time they click to go to a subform, I don't see how that can work. Any ideas?

Thanks for any help! 



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