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Jira connector - Update sprint from smartsheet

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Why can't I update the sprint of my Jira tasks created from smartsheets directly from smartsheet itself. 

Why cant I create new fix versions from my smartsheet itself


  • Schiff A.
    Schiff A. Employee

    Sprints can only be updated within JIRA because the Sprint Name field can only sync from JIRA to Smartsheet because of a limitation in the JIRA API.


    Versions cannot be created because the Connector can only create items available from the Create screen used to create tasks, stories, epics etc.  Creating versions is a separate process that cannot currently be done using the Connector.

    I've added votes for each of these to our Enhancement Request list to let our product team know that these are desired features.

  • I think my question is similar to this one so I figured I'd respond to this thread. We have set up a connection between Smartsheet and JIRA and whenever a row on our Smartsheet becomes a ticket in JIRA, it automatically populates in the backlog instead of within the sprint we've defined within Smartsheet. Is there a way to get around this or if this is tied to the above query, has the JIRA API been updated so we can do this?

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