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Building a report based on the calendar, and I need to use "YESTERDAY"


I'm building a report that will show things that are happening TODAY and in the FUTURE.  I can build each of those separately, but together seems to be an issue.  I built a filter based upon date being YESTERDAY, but when I go back to check it, it has placed the actual date in the field.  Is there a more permanent solution to using YESTERDAY as a filter in reporting?


  • Kara Lumley

    Hi Michael,

    In the When reporting criteria, did you try "in the last" 1 day?

  • Michael Macygin

    My out put in my report are things that are happening today and into the future.  I don't want to see anything before today.  Using " greater than Yesterday" in the formula gives me the desired output, but I'm concerned that when it saves the actual formula, the YESTERDAY is replaced with yesterday's date.  Fine for today, but once I get another day or two into the week, I'm beginning to see things that happened in the past.

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