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Automated Alerts & Actions

David M.
David M.
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

OH MY! You all are so close... I've been waiting on the day that I could save my alerts and notifications to a template for over a year now. On average, I create about 10 new sheets every week, and each sheet consists of 2 REMINDERS and 8 NOTIFICATIONS. We use these sheets to track new parts to be manufactured, and once we have customer approval, we delete the sheets.  Example, today I need to create 5 new sheets, which means I have to go through all of the steps to set-up 50 Alerts. It's time that's been wasted, and the one thing I have despised.

However, today, I saved a new template with my Alerts & Actions saved to it, then created a new sheet from the template. We're so close, but it only saved my notifications, and not my reminders. Additionally, it did not save the email address of the user listed in my notifications. Overall, you're improvement has saved me about 50% of my normal set-up time, but you can do better. Can't you? 

I use the same 10 Alerts for every new sheet. They do not change. It would greatly add value back to my life if you would give me the option to save these in a template. Then, it truly would be automated...


  • Kara Lumley

    Hi David!

    Thanks for the feedback - saving reminders will be added in a future release, we want to get them up to par with the conditional notifications first. 

    When you did the Save as New, did you make sure to select to save the recipients as well (see screenshot)? I'm happy to help you trouble shoot this if you'd like - we included the ability to save the notification recipients for cases just like yours.



    Smartsheet Product Manager



  • David M.

    Hey Kara,

     Thank you so much for your reply. It's great to hear that reminders will be added at some point. 

    Honestly, I have never used the 'Save as New' command. I created our original 4 sheets, and then saved them as templates. For every new sheet I create, I select and use a template to generate it. The options you've shown in your screenshot are not available when "Save as Template' is selected.

    For now, I could figure out how to change up my process flow to use the 'Save as New' option and save the majority of time. Thank you for bringing this up, as if you hadn't, I would probably never have known. laugh

  • ker9
    ker9 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I really need to have the notifications be available when using templates.  If you have multiple people using templates, you do not want to use Save As, it's a recipe for losing the original file on a regular basis.

    Please, please, please, allow notifications to retain everything in the master file when saved as a template, it doesn't save the email address.  I did submit an enhancement request for this.  Would like to know the time frame for it.


    My vote for this.

    Many of us do repetitive work and spend time creating a good master sheet that works well, part of the "work well" are the notifications and reminders that help us stay on track and don't forget. not being able to export those features into a template defeats the purpose of less talk and more action; unless more actions means redoing the sheet every time :)

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