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Run report for current month

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Let's say my task sheet has dates that tasks are created - not necessary TODAY. And I want to run a report if the created date is this month. For example, Task A's created date is 09/10/2017, and this month is September. The report should pick up Task A if I run report today, but next month.  How can I achieve this?  

I made 2 custom fields to compare task_month and month(today), but doesn't seem that I can do. 

Or there anyway more simple way (maybe I am too engineering)? I thought that my usecase is fairly common.



  • Tony Coleman

    Hi Suzuki, not sure if you managed to fudge something together already, but I've had a go.   Prepared to be horribly un-impressed at how slick this is not  :-), but t works....   you can basically filter off this for reports on the Month v Month column which are less than 1, or equal to zero..... 


    Once J.Craig has picked himself off the floor laughing, he might be able to suggest a far slicker alternative   :-)




  • ysuzuki

    Hi Tony, I think I got your idea - month vs month. Thank you!

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