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IF Statement to change cell color automaticlly using dates

Heath Sanders
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Thanks Smart Sheet people for helping out with formulas.  No doubt Craig & Andrew and others who have helped are way smarter than me. Its given me a spring board to learn from. Hope someone finds this helpful 

The formula below is used in conjunction with a column (you need to set up) that will return"Yellow", "Blue", "Red"  in this case, When you set up "Conditional Formatting" to return the cell or font or what every you choose. Hide the column, and change if you see fit.

=IF(AND((TODAY() - [Last Contact Date]21) > 90, (TODAY() - [Last Contact Date]21) < 180), "Yellow", IF(AND((TODAY() - [Last Contact Date]21) > 181, (TODAY() - [Last Contact Date]21) < 365), "Red", ""))


  • This one, 

    =IF(AND((TODAY() - [Last Contact Date]2) > 90, (TODAY() - [Last Contact Date]2) < 180), "Yellow", IF(AND((TODAY() - [Last Contact Date]2) > 181, (TODAY() - [Last Contact Date]2) < 365), "Red", IF((TODAY() - [Last Contact Date]2) > 365, "Blue")))


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