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Moving Massive Qty of Rows


Good Afternoon,


I'm currently dealing with a minor issue with SS while moving rows.

Once a month, we move a single months worth of data from our main Completed sheet to an Archive sheet I have created, to keep record of previous rows that have been marked complete past 3 months.

I do this to keep the loading time down in the main Completed Sheet, as we have many attachments and comments that correlate with each row.

My problem is that I'm having to move some 400-500 rows every month, and it seems that SS is not able to move more than 50 rows at once.

Does anyone have a possible work around or way that I may be able to make this a bit easier for me/my team? I don't mind having to move this data as often as I am currently with 50 rows at a time, but it is time consuming.


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