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Smartsheet for Outlook

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Is there a limit to the size / quantity of attachments (as part of the email) that can be added to an existing / new row? The email itself always gets forwarded (as new comment) to Smartsheet but attachment(s) seem to be hit or miss (definitely no zip files get added).



  • dAVE Inden
    dAVE Inden Employee

    There are file size limits for attachments added into your sheet. These limits would be in place even when attaching via the Outlook add-in. The file size limit is 250mb. As far as amount of attachments, 100 can be added at one time.

    Looking at the screenshot you provided the file looks to be 15mb and there is only one. Are you adding the data to the sheet and then looking up the row in the add-in right after? Try creating the row with the add-in and then opening the sheet to see if it has the new row with the file. Refresh the sheet (right click on sheet name tab > Refresh) if you already have it open.

    I would suggest reaching out to us in Support so that we can work with you directly on this. You can create a case by submitting to the form found here.

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