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Use Dropdown column to populate an alternate column in a sheet

Shawn O'Banion
Shawn O'Banion ✭✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

I am trying to populate an address in a separate column with a dropdown column that has corresponding branch numbers in the same sheet.  The user enters a branch number by dropdown and I would like it to populate the address column with the corresponding address for the branch.  I am using a LOOKUP formula and it works with a single entry, but there are multiple choices and multiple results.  


Is there a way to use the LOOKUP for multiple lookups?






  • SmSulli

    Hi Shawn,

    Not sure how you've got things set up, but I'll give you some ideas.  You need to have a list of branches and address somewhere in the sheet.  See the screen shoot.  Then use that list for the lookup formula.  With the Branch # as a dropdown.  The formula for the address column:

    =LOOKUP([Branch #]1, $[Branch # LU]$1:$[Address LU]$8, 2)

    Good Luck



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