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Publishing read access sheet/report with common password

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Hello all, 

We are facing a situation where we want to publish a report in reading mode to a group a people. 

We do not want the information to be public on the internet so the basic Publish is not an option and since the people only access to this information couple time a year, creating a managing a Smartsheet account for them as no value. 

I'm really looking to have a little bit more secure solution to publish a sheet. For example, if we could define a common general password when we publish, to add a basic level of security instead of publishing wide open on the internet would be an awesome feature for us.

Like this, when a user tries to log on a published sheet Smartsheet would ask for a password to let him see the shared data (in reading mode) 

If there someone else has managed to do something like this?

Thank you!



  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Do you have your own website?

    You could put a secure page on your website and the Smartsheet contents behind the secure page - either as a link, a Report, or a Sight.


  • Jeff Simbeck

    Hi Craig,

    I'm looking for a way to do essentially the same thing.  I'd like to render Smartsheet content in an IFRAME within pages I create in our on-premise Confluence server or within other in-house systems. 

    It works fine if I Publish the Smartsheet object (Sheet, Report, or Sight), but I'm leery of making access to the published item available to anyone who has the link (security via obscurity).  I'd rather also require a login, but don't see a way to pass the credentials through via the IFRAME.

    I'm OK with using a method other than Publish if I can also require that valid credentials be presented.  


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