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Nested If/And Statement

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

I am trying to figure out a nested IF/AND statement that will alert me if an estimate is older than 90 days and a work order has not yet been started.  I simply have a 'Needs Attention' column that will show a checkmark if this is the case and otherwise just displays an empty checkbox.  My formula below works as it should if the 'Estimate Creation Date' entered is within 90 days (result is empty checkbox), but it gives me an "Incorrect Argument Set" error if the date entered is older than 90 days. 

=IF(AND([Estimate Creation Date]127 < TODAY() - 90), ISBLANK([Work Order Date]127, 1))

I don't understand why this is happening.  Anyone know what would be causing this and how to fix?  I would really appreciate any help.  Thanks--


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