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Date linking or date formulas

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I am not sure the best way to summarize what I am asking in to a search string so thought I would just ask the community.

So right now I have a very dynamic production schedule, since we are a new company and still learning / growing we constantly update our production schedule (sometimes daily). 

My question is, if I have a schedule that builds off the completion of a task above it is there any way to link all the dates so that if I delay a task by two weeks it auto populates the rest of the dates (incrementing them with that two week delay)?

I tried to use a formula in the date field but it seems to not like this or maybe I just don't know what I am doing.





  • Smartsheet has a column type called predecessors.  If you have this column already in your sheet, you can simply enter the row number of the task you want the row you are working on to follow into it.

    If your sheet does not already have a predecessors column, find the gannt view button in the toolbar on the left under "views".  To use gannt view your sheet has to have two date columns.  If your sheet does not have two date columns, you will be notified of this when you click on the gannt view button, in which case create two date columns.  Once you get to gannt view, there is a small gear icon to the right of where the vertical divider is that appears in gannt view.  If you select this gear, a popup for "Project Settings" comes up.  With "Dependency Settings" highlighted, find the checkbox for "Dependencies Enabled", check it and it will inform you that predecessors and duration columns have been added to your sheet.  Now you can go find the predecessors column and use it to link your rows in whatever order you'd like.  After that, when you adjust any dates of rows that are predecessors, the proceeding rows dates will update accordingly.



  • Awesome thank you for that! I totally forgot about that!

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