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MOVE FORMULA TO ANOTHER SHEET..... This could be the answer !

Heath Sanders
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Hi All,

As I have brought up in the past, moving formulas to another sheet would be extremely powerful.

The sheets I have designed are used for different departments....Sales, Production, Accounts/Admin. By duplicating each (4) sheet, all irrelevant data in that department is hidden i.e. those rows are there but hidden (Giving the illusion the sheets are different when in fact they are the same when unhidden) This stops dumping and creating extra rows.

When a job goes from Sales (Goes through the sales process too sold) its then handed to production to do job ("Move To Another Sheet")

I NEED THE FORMULAS TO GO AS WELL.........in the attachment below there is options when save as new WHY CANT WE HAVE AN OPTION TO SEND THE (CODE) FORMULAS AS WELL ??? 

Thank you Smart Sheet.....

Dog with a bone ; )




Save as new.PNG


  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi Heath,

    To clarify, formulas are preserved when you save as new. Since the entire sheet is being copied, we can preserve all of the cell references in your formulas without the possibility of error.

    On the other hand, when you move rows to another sheet—we don't have a way of knowing whether or not formula cell references will cause an error, and there isn't a way for us to guess at how you'd want the formula to work on the destination sheet. (Even if the destination sheet looks the same, we don't have logic in place to determine whether a destination sheet is formatted in the exact same way as a source sheet.) Because of this, we don't preserve formulas when moving rows to another sheet.

    One potential workaround you can employ is to add an apostrophe in front of your formula so it'll be treated as text, THEN move the row to another sheet. Once the row is on the destination sheet, delete the apostrophe.

  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    What would be EXTREMELY USEFUL in this case would be a way to 'disable all formulas' by having Smartsheet add a special character (I would use a different symbol that apostrophe -- as it must be something that can easily be used in find-and-replace). The user would could then move/copy rows as desired and then re-enable the formulas on both source and destination sheet.

    This could also be used in this manner:

    1 Wait an hour.

    2. Turn on highlight changes, last hour.

    3. Disable all formulas.

    4. Save the sheet.

    5. Use highlighted cells to visually see all formulas in the sheet.

    6. Export to Excel -- how I have a backup of the sheet with formulas intact.

    Seems like several flies with one swat.

    This request has also be posted to the Form


  • iamjaypee2

    Not having this functionality is killing me as well. I have two nearly identical sheets and not having the formulas move to the secondary sheet renders smartsheets virtually worthless. Sincerely hoping I can find a workaround...


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