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Limit to the number of Smartsheets linked to one JIRA board?

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Hi guys. I am setting up a workflow where a bunch of Smartsheets, each representing a different project, feed into one big JIRA board. Each Connector workflow has a JIRA filter that makes sure only the issues associated with a given Smartsheet get synced back, so every JIRA ticket is ONLY linked to one Smartsheet row (I know having tickets synced to two sheets would be bad).

I want to know if there's any reason why this isn't going to work. Can 30+ Smartsheets all be linked into the same JIRA board? Or is there some technical limitation I'm going to hit?



  • Michael Weiland


    I understand that you would like create 30 Connector workflows, which are tied to unique sheets in Smartsheet, and each workflow is pointing to different JIRA Projects. If your JIRA board consists of multiple JIRA projects, you should not run into technical limitations when syncing multiple workflows with unique sheets into a single JIRA board.

    As you mentioned, it is not recommended to have the same JIRA Issues syncing in multiple sheets, as making changes in one sheet may overwrite changes in another sheet, causing JIRA data to be inconsistent. If you plan on adding the same JIRA Projects to multiple sheets, you will want to ensure that there are different JIRA Filters in place within each workflow, so that unique Issues are pulled into each sheet.

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