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SmartSheet Names and Same Sheetnames in SSIS Differ

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The sheet names differ in Smart Sheet and SSIS, the same sheet is shown with different names in SSIS when reading it via smart Sheet ODBC.


Sheets  in SmarSheet.Com                               Sheet in SSIS

801 Centre Road801                                         Centre Road__8524479023343492s_(Home)

Canterbury Road                                               Canterbury Road__4221359879415684s_(Home)

Burke Road Construction Programme Rev. 6   Burke Road Construction Programme Rev_ 6__490216562681732s_(Home)

Is there way to get the same in smarsheet.com so I can load it SQL Server Via SSIS. If not does that is suffixed with some alpha numeric characters (E.G: Centre Road__8524479023343492s_(Home)) will be same across all users?

Attached Screen dump for clarification.



SheetNames Different in SmartSheet and SSIS.png


  • Michael Weiland

    Hi Senthil,

    Thanks for reaching out with your question. The reason that the sheet name is displayed differently between Smartsheet and SSIS, is because the ODBC Driver is designed to use format SheetName_SheetID_Location. The reason that this format is used is because unique sheet names are not enforced in Smartsheet, so attaching the SheetID and Location to the Sheet Name help keeps the Name unique when you are writing SQL queries.

    The Sheet Name will appear in the same format to all users that are shared to the sheet. There will be a SheetName_SheetID_Location format, and this will be the same accross all Viewers, Editors and Admins shard to that sheet.

    There would not be a way to access the exact sheet name in Smartsheet via the ODBC, but this may be something that your team will be able to do on your side, but the ODBC Driver will always return the SheetName_SheetID_Location file name format to ensure the uniqueness can be used when using the sheet name in a SQL Query.

    Please let me know if you have any questions and I'm happy to help!

    Kind regards,


    Smartsheet Support

  • senpnathan

    Thanks Michael for clarifying. Th explanation is clear and easier to understand.

    Appreciate your help and swift reply.

    Since the format is same across smartsheet for shared users it should be fine and easy to make decision with my team.

    Many thanks


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