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Adding numbers that fall in a date range


Just learning Smartsheet. I need assistance creating a formula that will create a sum based on calendar months. I have two columns: one for a number of appointments, the second is a date column. As an example, I would like to have Smartsheet calculate appointments that fell in December. Thanks for any assistance.


  • Robert S.
    Robert S. Employee



    Thanks for the question. If you'd like to sum a column for row that meet a specified criteria, you can use the SUMIF() function (https://help.smartsheet.com/function/sumif). To have that criteria be a specific month in a date column, you can utilize the MONTH() and @cell functions. More on the MONTH() function can be found here (https://help.smartsheet.com/function/month), and more on the @cell function can be found here (https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/2476491).


    Here's an example of how this formula could be written:


    =SUMIF([Date Column]:[Date Column], IFERROR(MONTH(@cell), 0) = 12, [# of appointments]:[# of appointments])


    To make this work for you, you can change "Date Column" to the name of your date column, and "# of appointments" to the name of the column that your number of appointments are in. The 12 in the formula is which month to look for, so if you'd like to make this work for another month, this can be changed to the number that represents the month (1-12).


    For more information on all of the formulas available in Smartsheet, please check out our formulas list help center article (https://help.smartsheet.com/functions).

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