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Need help adding reminder date to a column

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I have reminder set on various rows in the sheets in my Smartsheet.

Is there a way to have the "date" that is set on each reminders displayed in a column on the same row?

In the attached screenshot...  Row 1...  the reminder in the "i" column is set for Wed, 12/27.  The project isn't due until Fri, 12/29.  But the next check-in / milestone in Wed, 12/27...  so I have the reminder set for that date.  Is there a way to use a formula to display the date that is set in the reminder (12/27/17) in a new column that I would create called "Reminder Date"? 

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  • Robert S.
    Robert S. Employee



    Thanks for the question. There currently isn't a way to have a date column automatically populated with the date you've set in a row level reminder. If you'd like to see this functionality in a future update, please submit a Product Enhancement Request using the link to the right in the "Quick Links" section.


    If the reminders that you're creating are always a set number of days prior to the Due Date, if you'd like you can create a formula that results in a date that's that set number of days before the date in the "Due Date" column. Here's an example of how that formula could look if the number of days is always 2 days prior to the Due Date:


    =[Due Date]1 - 2


    This will show 2 calendar days before the date in the "Due Date" column in row 1. If you'd instead like for this to show 2 work days before the "Due Date" column you can use the WORKDAY() function (https://help.smartsheet.com/function/workday). Here's how this formula could be written:


    =WORKDAY([Due Date]2, -2)

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