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Calendar View No Longer Working for Report

Susan B PeckSusan B Peck ✭✭✭
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12/29/17 Edited 12/09/19

Hi all,

I have a report that pulls specific tasks with dates from two different sheets, which I use as a high-level to do list.

My preference is to show the results in the Calendar view because it helps with planning.  In the past, the report and views worked fine.  Now, this week, the Calendar view has stopped showing tasks from one of the sheets. 

The tasks show in the Grid and Gantt views, so I know the report is working.

Is anyone seeing this same behavior?  Any ideas for fixing it?  The calendar view is most helpful for seeing my workload.  January is an especially heavy month, so losing the calendar view is a problem.

Thanks much!



  • Schiff A.Schiff A. Employee


    Here are some tips to guide your troubleshooting:


    1. Make sure that dates from the missing tasks have the correct year set (ie. 2018, not 1918)
    2. Make sure that the column name where your dates are located matches the date column selected in your calendar settings: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/775700-working-with-calendars
    3. Try recreating the report to see if the issue persists.



    Smartsheet Support

  • Thank you for your response!  The tip to look at the Calendar settings in the report was the answer.  I don't know why the calendar settings were looking at the wrong date column, but that was the culprit.

    I fixed the date column in Settings and now the calendar view works correctly in my report.  Is that a bit of a bug?

    Thanks for the help!


  • Schiff A.Schiff A. Employee

    Hi Susan,

    Without having more information about your specific situation, I'd say the most likely explanation is that the column name was originally labeled differently from others or was changed at some point.

    If the issue occurs or you think there may be a bug you can report it to support here: help.smartsheet.com/contact




  • Good morning,

    As follow up to this topic, I've discovered the Calendar view settings limit what the display to only a single column or range of columns ("Display only dates in this column" or display a range).  Since I'm pulling my report from two sheets that have different column names for the dates I want to see, there is no way the Calendar view will ever show all the tasks, even though they show up on the list view.  

    Has anyone come up with a workaround?  Yes, I could change the column names, but that might have unintended consequences.



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