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Good morning!

I have 3 sheets that work together to serve various functions, including taking daily attendance. MASTER CAST LIST lists each person's name, SIGN IN SHEET and CONFLICT CALENDAR are driven by forms with contact formatted drop down lists. It's all the same people on each of the 3 sheets and the primary columns are the same on all 3.


Both SIGN IN SHEET and CONFLICT CALENDAR have a column called REHEARSAL DATE. I have no problem creating a report that shows me 1) who signed in each day, and 2) who communicated an attendance conflict. What I am not able to pull is who didn't show up and didn't communicate a conflict.

My thought is that I need to add some columns to the MASTER CAST LIST that capture all of the rehearsal dates. My question is, is there a way for the other 2 sheets to automatically update the MASTER CAST LIST to indicate if a person either signed in or communicated a conflict? So far I can clearly see who's at rehearsal, but I desperately need a way to see who's not.

Thanks in advance!


  • Shaine Greenwood


    Currently, all of the data would need to be on the same sheet, as you'd likely need to create a formula of come kind that automatically flags this. Meaning that right now, there's not an easy way to do this without drastically changing your process up.

    In Q1 of this year, we'll have the ability for formulas to reference data from another sheet. Once that feature is released, you'll be able to create a LOOKUP formula that can help flag this for you.

    This will pull data from your conflict calendar to perform a LOOKUP on your Master Cast List.

    In the mean time until we release that feature, you might try something simple (but manual) like a flag/checkbox column in your Master Cast List. You can check the no shows that didn't report a conflict by manually scanning your conflict calendar sheet.

  • kym4639

    Thank you. I'm very happy to hear about the pending Lookup functionality. Manually checking in 50 people a day every day for 4 months just to be able to see at a glance who's present and who's not is the anti-automation :)