Sumif Help please

Heath Sanders
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I want my totaling cell to add quote on the criteria below.

I have a drop down list in column 1 , in that list I have (con/fine, con/course, con/xtra, ash/fine, ash/course, ash/xtra. grind/fine, grind/course, grind/xtra........this continues for another dozen or so products.

I have m2 rate in column 2, so I enter the data required there.

I have product rate in column 3, so the meter rate (m2) x the product rate give us the cost rate in column 4.

I want the formula to calculate the "product rate" column 3 when ever ash/xtra , con/xtra, grind/xtra.........and the dozen other /xtra are choosen.

When /course or /fine are chosen from any of the drop list I want cost rate column 4 calculated.

Because each product is in a row there will be a mixture of /xtra and /fine /course in the quote. So as long as the totaling cell looks at the correct cells to calculate based on the drop down list. Next question how do you put this together as a formula?