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I am trying to give a percentage based on how 2 columns read.    Column PassFailA and Column PassFailB.   If both show Pass 100%, If A is Pass  B is Fail  or Vise Versa 50% and if both Fail 25



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    Thanks for the question. If I understand what you're looking to do correctly, this can be accomplished using a nested IF formula including the AND and OR functions. More on all of the available functions can be found here (, and we also have a blog post on how to build nested IF formulas which can be found here ( Here's an example of how this could be written:


    =IF(AND([Column PassFailA]@row = "Pass", [Column PassFailB]@row = "Pass"), 1, IF(AND(OR([Column PassFailA]@row = "Fail", [Column PassFailB]@row = "Fail"), OR([Column PassFailA]@row = "Pass", [Column PassFailB]@row = "Pass")), 0.5, IF(AND([Column PassFailA]@row = "Fail", [Column PassFailB]@row = "Fail"), 0.25)))


    For this example I'm also using @row instead of the row's number within the cell reference. This will help make the formula more efficient as this sheet grows larger. More on @row can be found here (


    I've also included a screenshot of the outcomes for every scenario you listed. I'd also like to note that if either column is left blank, this formula will leave the % Column blank until both are set to either "Pass" or "Fail".

    Screen Shot.png

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