permanent link to attachment in the latest version



  • Why is this even a feature request? It should be a basic feature. Come on SmartSheet, can you just add Copy URL link to any row attachment in the Attachment Actions? How hard can this be. You save attachment to S3 bucket anyway.

    PS: that s3 link, if you copy it when opened it won't work in few days. People started reporting they can't open it.



    <Message>Request has expired</Message>



  • mccoy_FSI
    mccoy_FSI ✭✭✭

    Seriously, what is the point of attaching files to rows if the link expires every 30 days? And what is the point of the link expiring anyway? Would be a lot cooler if this was fixed. And it would be coolest if the URL that opened when opening attachments could be the link. Our organization is managed from SharePoint, with a goal to make Smartsheet a back end database, it won't work though, unless this gets fixed.

  • I agree with all the other feedback. This is something very basic. Need to have permanent links to documents for sheets, dashboards etc. This is extremely disappointing that after all the above feedback it still has not been addressed.