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Hi, I have just found smartsheet and it looks amazing.. :) I was wondering how I can work it so that not all of my contractors can see all clients? Should I create a sheet for each contractor? or do only the invited contractors see only their clients?


Thanking you in advance


ps: I thought the Financial Month End Smartsheet was a great place for me to start


  • Dear Karen, 


    I'll guid you through steps that will utilize a single sheet and multiple Reports. as this is my sugesstion to how to handel your case. 

    first lets agree you will put all clients in one sheet with their requests or information or whatever it is running in your business 


    then you will make one column in the sheet assgining contractor to each client (row or rows)


    then you have two options either send update request that gives whoever you send to limited temporary access to only the row you specify which i dont sugesst much . however it works


    or you can make Reports. 


    in a report you can tell the system to do this 


    from the sheet called AAAA take all the row "assigned to contractor BBB" and show the columns 1. 3. 5 . 6. of this rown in a Report. 


    then you can share the report with the contractor. so this contractor can see from One sheet or multiple sheets ONLY the information you want to share with that contractor.  also the best part is your control not to show the contractor all the information in the row.


    you can reverese the whole method depends on your business , you can have a sheet or multiple sheets, tracking contractors progress ..... payments....etc and make Report for Each Client showing the clinet exactly what you want to show. like Contractor name , assigned role , progress , contact ,... your comment.


    last thing a Report can be shared also a web link published can be sent in an email so one can see the report without logging in. 


    finally you can export in an email a pdf very professional looking attachment of the report. you can rescedule this email .


    in our business we have a smartsheet Generating every day at 5 pm a PDF export of the report and sending it to the Principal showing the Unreplied ( pending ) technical or commercial clarification in Tenders.


    I hope that was helpful , if not tell me more about the case and I can help you specifically to match your requirment


    btw I selected smartsheet after trying for 6 months other web based apps , this is the best for SMEs even bigger. its really the best give it some focus and effort and you'll be amazed. 


    dont go anywhere else.

  • JamesR
    JamesR ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Karen OMH,


    The specification that is outlined is a good summary of how you might tackle your requirement, with the following caviate:

    If you have all client information on one sheet and then create individual reports for the contractors and shere those reports to them then they will also nees to be shared to the main sheet otherwise they will not see the data.   You can share them to a sheet without sending them an email notification and link but that will not stop them from seeting the whole sheet if they see it in there home tab and click on it.


    If you want your contractors to update or eddit data then the update request is your only option.  If you create a different sheet for each client then consolidate them into a master sheet using Linked cells to give you your complete client database.  For the contractors then share the sheets for thier clients to them and create report accross all client sheets to show the columns you wnt them to view/edit. When they open the report they will only see the data from the sheets that they have been shared to.


    Do not put all sheets into a workspace as shareing is accross all sheets in the workspace so agin they will get access to all data.


  • Karen Thompson
    edited 08/08/15

    Thank you OMH and JamesR,


    I really apprecaiate your feedback...Im going to go through the steps/advice you have given me... It is all overwhelming when you first look into it, but im sure with a little time and persistance I will make it work for my business. 


    Thank you again,



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