Visibility across sheets when using cross sheet references?

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I love the new cross sheet referencing feature - this has been a big hole in Smarthseet's feature set.  But I have a question - I see that when a cell is clicked on (on a sheet containing the reference range) that is used in a cross sheet reference, a link to that sheet appears.  When that link is clicked on, a preview of the sheet appears.  Are users who aren't shared to the destination sheet, who are seeing the preview, able to see the same preview I am seeing as an owner of both sheets?  I could get the answer to my question by doing a test with a colleague, but would like an official answer from Smartsheet.

If a user who is shared to the sheet containing the reference range is able to see the preview of the destination sheet (to which they are not collaborating), then this would be a major issue for me.




  • Daniel Stein
    Daniel Stein Employee
    edited 02/06/18

    If a user isn't shared to the source sheet, they won't see the name of the source sheet in the tooltip, nor will they be able to view the sheet. (This is similar to how cell links work in Smartsheet.)

    Only the data that is included in the reference is available & potentially visible in the destination sheet. Note that you shouldn’t include data in the reference that you don’t want available in the destination sheet.

    Hope this helps. Feel free to check out the cross-sheet formulas help article for additional information about the feature.