Any fundraisers using Smartsheet?

I'm wondering if there is anyone in the fundraising/donor relations profession using Smartsheet and if so how?

Did any fundraising/donor relations individuals attend the conference last year? If so, how was it beneficial?





  • Hi Flordelisa,

    I found some resources that might be helpful to you.

    We have a fundraising template for Smartsheet:

    There's also a blog that details how some real companies have used Smartsheet for fundraising, including a full case study:

  • Tracey Siepser
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    The Advancement (Fundraising) division at Pomona College uses it for many of our work processes and project plans.

    Our Advancement Services and Information Systems department (within Advancement) manages the main licenses and sheet creations. Our central IT department handles the Smartsheet Enterprise contract and there's some other users on campus throughout different areas. I didn't attend the conference but have been working with Nate, our rep, to implement many of the newer features we'd benefit from. 

    We use it for 2-week sprints, recurring tasks, project plans, Communications input and tracking projects, cross-department work requests, task lists, error logs, project management dashboards, etc. It doesn't integrate with the Raiser's Edge, our fundraising database and where we track fundraising actions, but it does help support many of the new or upgrades builds we manage with RE and the other tools we support Advancement with. I've done simple connections between Smartsheet and Tableau, Formstack, and Asana when needed.  

    I'm glad you started this thread and looking forward to other responses!

    Tracey Siepser

    Advancement Business Process and Reporting Specialist, Pomona College

  • Prospect Research & Development at Berea College uses SmartSheet to manage all of our workflow, processes, and projects, including integrated on-line forms for prospect assignment changes and research requests.

    We also track how long each type of request takes us to complete and have integrated it with BOX, our on-line file storage system.

    As we don't have an official CRM at the moment, I have talked with our gift officers about using SmartSheet to create, track, and implement individual solicitation strategies for each prospect/donor in their portfolio.  We'll see on that . . . 

  • Hi Floridelisa, The link you posted is broken, I wonder if you could repost it here?

  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @Neree Jackson

    You can find best practices in our Content Center (here), including an article on how to use Smartsheet to manage events (this article).

    There are also a number of templates available on our website, see the following: