New Look & A New Feature, Charts!

Shaine Greenwood
Shaine Greenwood Employee
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Hello Community,

Business and enterprise users can now plot their sheet data on charts. Add a charts widget to your dashboards (formally Sights) to visualize data and make better decisions more quickly. More information on this is available in our help center article

You may have also noticed our new look and feel to Smartsheet as a whole. We've done a few things to provide a cleaner experience:

  • Flatter design
  • Hue shift (colors will appear slightly brighter)
  • Tab color settings gone—we did this because in the future, we're going to remove our in-app tab system and eventually allow people to use browser tabs to have multiple sheets open at once.


  • Jacob H.
    Jacob H. ✭✭✭✭
    edited 02/14/18

    I like all of these updates.  Excited to see how I can implement chart widgets.  I'm not sure if I'm going to like losing the in-app tabs though.  I already use browser tabs for other websites, so it sounds like it may get cluttered.

  • stinainwa

    I can't even express how excited I am that charts are live in Dashboards!!!  My boss just might faint!  It makes the information so much more dynamic.

  • Shaine Greenwood

    Maybe you could make a line chart to show how many times they faint over the span of a quarter! 

  • Joe Crowel
    edited 02/15/18

    I like everything except two things: the UX update and Sharing Tab/Button Location.

    The new color scheme makes hyperlinks very difficult to see (particularly on pastel colors) and I'm already noticing more eyestrain from the new hues. Plus, the smaller tabs at the top seems like nothing more than a space grab that makes me squint to see the multiple sheets I'm working on.

    Moving the sharing tab just makes things even more confusing to new users.  Adding more "locations" to find needed actions is turning SmartSheet into a difficult to navigate platform instead of the streamlined app it used to be.

  • Kris Young

    Not a fan of the new "brighter" colors.

  • steven.reed14881
    steven.reed14881 ✭✭✭✭✭

    One fairly insignificant thing that I don't like about the new 'Share' button is losing the functionality that showed me how many users were shared to a given sheet at a glance. That number used to appear immediately to the right of 'Share.' This allowed me to quickly determine that I had shared a sheet with (X) users--also whether I had shared it with anyone. Now I have to click on share to see if it is shared at all, and I don't believe it shows me a count anywhere.

  • TAdams
    edited 02/23/18


     The new look is not appreciated, and from a UI design is several steps backwards. It is certainly more difficult to read and the tabs offer no distinction between them (must be the "flatter" design) which is simply ridiculous. It certainly does not meet contrast guidelines (See attached). I have received several complaints and personally I can't argue as I can barely make out some text on a color calibrated monitor.

     For example, try reading a low contrast, small text, "flatter" website all day. It leads to eye strain for people with good eyesight and whom lack color blindness. Borders for items is good practice and helps lead the eye and group items together.

     In short, when I run across a website like this, I leave and find another and they don't cost hundreds a year. The changes made to SmartSheet are not for the better!



    In the categories below, you are lacking UI and Usability which I would have chosen.




  • mattc
    mattc ✭✭✭

    I was disappointed to learn that the new Chart feature doesn't work like the metric widget. That would have been a great place to begin with the charting rollout. The difficulty level in getting the same information into contiguous cells for display is a pretty high bar for a beginner.

  • Shaine Greenwood


    Our Product team is dedicated to improving charts in Smartsheet. A few improvements we plan on making to the feature this year include being able to select discontiguous data for your chart AND being able to chart against reports.

  • Jacob H.
    Jacob H. ✭✭✭✭

    These new charts are great.  I used them for the first time last week to show sales/production trends and they made me look good in front of management!

  • Kelly M.
    Kelly M.
    edited 03/22/18

    I support some of the previous comments regarding the "new look."  The lack of contrast/colours in tabs makes them difficult to navigate when you have multiple tabs open.  I also would not like to see the tabs moved into browser tabs - perhaps you can provide an option to use browser tabs OR use tabs within Smartsheet.

  • Eleonora Scoseria

    I thought the charts feature would allow to include charts from smartsheet labs in sights. Why is this not possible? I have several charts in smartsheet labs which are WAY better than the native chart feature...