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When I add a chart to a dashboard, it prompts me to select a sheet, but not the columns to display in the chart. If I try to select data fields of categorical labels and data that are not next to each other, I get an error. How do I select the data to display and can it be summarized?  For example, I have a sheet tracking supplier assessments, which includes all of the measures, as well as an overall score, and I want to produce a chart of the average score by supplier and/or supplier score trend by date and/or factory.  I would prefer to be able to select columns for display so that the range of values doesn't need to be updated as new assessments are added.



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    Yes, in v1, the data range/table for a chart needs to be in a contiguous format (see image below). One suggestion is to summarize and place the data in a different sheet in a contiguous format, through cross-sheet formulas or cell links.  Once you have a summary data table, then you can use that table for your chart.  Thank you for your feedback on discrete range/column selection capability and we will consider your input in our future enhancements roadmap.

    please see latest updated on charts in this discussion as well.



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    We just released the new capability to select specific columns from your data range to chart against.  After you have selected your data range, in the chart preview panel you will find a new button called "Select Columns".  You can then select specific columns in your data range you want to chart against. Hope this help. 


  • Sasan,

    Is it possible to select specific rows from a data range? I'd like to chart the main tasks, but not their individual sub-tasks. 



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    At this time to chart specific rows there are two options:

    1. Create a Report that will pull the data in the specific rows you desire for charting.  Then in the chart creation flow, select the Report columns you want to chart against.

    2. Create a separate sheet and use cell links or vlookup to bring the specific rows/values from your source sheet and stack under each other to create your data table needed for your chart.

    Hope this helps.



  • Figured this might be the only way to go about it. Thank you.



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  • mstangermstanger
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    Sasan, this selection capability isn't popping up for me. How do I find it?

    I'm trying to create a column chart from a report, using the End Date on the X-axis. But it only selects the entire report as the data source and I can't find a way to choose the End Date for the axis.

  • Hi @mstanger

    Are you using a Sheet, Report, or Grouped Report as the source of your chart? You should see the option to select what columns you want to use in the right hand panel where you Edit the Chart Widget:

    See: Using Chart Widgets and SmartStart: Dashboards



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