Formula not auto-populating

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I have attached 2 images. One shows how if I insert a row between text in the first example, it auto-populates the "Evolve Tech & Touch", which is just a reference formula.

In the 2nd image, if I insert a row directly below the last one with that formula, it does not auto-populate it. I thought formulas should copy through the row directly below it. Can you assist?




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    Judging from your post and screenshots, I'm assuming that the reference formula that is populating "Evolve Tech & Touch" is a specific cell reference and not a conditional reference.  This looks like it is also applying to the "PICS Organizational Design" row.


    Based on this assumption, the test you're conducting in the second screenshot is not a situation where autopopulating would apply because the formula in the row above the inserted row is different than the row below the inserted row.

    You can work around this by adding a blank row in between each section as a buffer so that when you add a row to the bottom of a section, there are 2 like rows above and a blank row below which would trigger the autopopulate feature.




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