Two sheet references in one sheet?

Hi Everyone!

I am attempting to reference two different cell ranges from another sheet into one status sheet.  However, when I create/update one sheet/cell range the other sheet/cell references change to the new one.  Can you have more than one cell range reference from another sheet into a landing sheet?

JIRA Stats a.png

JIRA Stats b.png



  • Update:  I was able to do the function as described above. :)  However, now I'm trying to do a COUNTIF nested formula to combine the two references into one stat.  Here is the formula that I have used successfully when creating the stat on the same sheet as the data:

    =COUNTIF({Test Plan}, "Doc Follow" + COUNTIF({Status}, "Open"))  :  I renamed the reference for easier visual.

    But it is not working as expected :(

    Any help is greatly appreciated

  • sorry forgot the screenshot....

    JIRA Stats c.png

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