VLOOKUP returning wrong value - solved

edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

I had the following post ready to go, but figured out the problem. I'll still post to help anyone else.

Essentially, when the VLOOKUP final parameter is left to default (true), Smartsheet thinks that "Low" is close enough to "High" to return the value for "High".

When I change the final parameter to false, it returns the correct value. The original issue is below:

I have a very simple table - two columns A, B each with three values. column A contains my lookup values (High, Medium, Low) and B contains the return value (5, 3, 1).  I did this with both drop down symbols and a text column for column A.

This is what is happening: 

When A1 is the lookup value it return the correct value (B1)

When A2 is the lookup value it returns the correct value (B2)

When A3 is the lookup value is returns B1, not B3.



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