Glitch Moves and Deletes Rows and Columns

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Has anyone else experienced groups of rows and/or cells moving in their Smartsheets? It seems to happen overnight with 10-20 rows moving from the top of my Smartsheet to the bottom. This morning two columns were found deleted and Smartsheet doesn't have a revert function so I'll have to rebuild them. This has happened more than 8 times over recent months, maybe once ever two or three weeks. 


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    This is likely being caused by either a person saving from an old copy of the sheet, or by an integration or other automation service that interacts with that sheet.

    If you're on a Business plan or higher, you can check the activity log on the sheet and see what email address is moving the rows and deleting the columns. Click the Activity Log tab at the bottom of the sheet to view; more info on activity log is available in our help center:

    Otherwise, if you don't have a business plan—contact our Support team. They may be able to narrow down the email address responsible for the deletion.

  • Catch22
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    I have also experienced Rows being inserted in the Middle of the Smartsheet and the sort on a column changing.  Eventually found rows way down the sheet - not sure what happened.  Really need some sort of versioning - not just a Backup.  Alot of work can be completed and lost in 24 hour period between backups

    I looked at activity Log and there was nothing there

  • Shaine, 

    I know this thread is old, but believe your response may be the reason behind what we're experiencing here. 

    Is there a simple way to prevent this? We have multiple people using the same sheet, and they are refreshing and saving, but it seems rows continue to get moved. Sometime a row will move 200 rows down and there is no way a previous version of the sheet had the rows in that place.

    Any help would be great

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    If you haven’t already, I would recommend that you reach out to the Smartsheet Support Team as well. Smartsheet Support Team

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