Calculating Time into Military Time.

We are Planning a meeting series where everything starts for the day at 08:00 (8AM).

Is there a way to plan out times so that if we say

Meeting Start-  08:00

Opening Remarks – 00:05

Agenda Item 1- 0:15

Agenda Item 2- 0:10

Agenda Item 3- 0:15

And have Smart Sheets total the times at the bottom of the row so we can see quickly WHAT TIME does it end? Like above would End at 08:45




  • Kara Lumley
    Kara Lumley Employee
    edited 03/05/18

    Hi Ann,

    I am able to share you a sheet that may help - a possible solution requires an extra setting to be enabled on your account that will calculate time difference (good for start/end times). 

    Please send me an email at [email protected] (so that I have your email :)  ) and I will be happy to enable it for you (and anyone else who may need this as well).