Date settings don't stay saved in project settings!

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I have changed the date settings of my many projects, so that as I zoom in and out I can always see the fiscal year that I am in.  Our projects are very date focused and eventhough I change the dates and save every time when I go back later it hs changed back so that the year is no longer there. What good does it do to ha ve the option to change the date settings if they don't stay the way you save them? Help!

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  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi T,

    Can you clarify: are you changing the date values in the cells? or are you changing your project settings such that your Gantt chart displays a different timeline?

    If you've shared these sheets out to other people, it's possible that either they're changing the settings/dates back, OR they're updating from an older version of the sheet without refreshing first.

    I'd recommend having all collaborators on a sheet close the sheet, you change the dates or project settings (whichever you're changing), then have everyone open the sheet again.

    If you find that the dates don't revert back in one sheet, make sure that your collaborators are refreshing sheets (they can right-click the sheet name and select Refresh) regularly and closing sheets when they're not using them.

    Otherwise, you might have the same sheet open in multiple browsers. If that's the case, close the other instances of the sheet to make sure that the change doesn't revert.

    If the above doesn't work, please reach out to our Support team and we can troubleshoot with you further.

  • Mo McCullough

    Did this get resolved? I'm having this same issue, but I do not have any collaborators with the smartsheet I'm having issues with. I also do not have the same sheet opened in another browser. To clarify, the issue I'm having is that when I zoom in or out of the Gannt chart on the smartsheet, it defaults back to the original timeline settings (quarterly). So I have to manually change that back to my preferred timeline labels (Year primary, months secondary) any time I zoom in or out. At first I thought I was going crazy, but it's happened so many times now that I figure there could be a bug.

    Appreciate any help. Thanks!

  • gages
    gages ✭✭

    I am having the exact same issue, and it's hindering my work. Thanks for any new info...