Rollup child rows for a particular parent row from multiple sheets


Hi, I have many Country sheets (Singapore, Japan etc.,). In each country sheet, there are multiple sectors (Media, Financial Services, Technology etc.,). These sectors as setup as parent rows and there will be child rows for each of these sectors. The child rows are not fixed in number but the parent rows are.

I would like to be able to consolidate all the Media parent rows (in various countries) and child rows into one dashboard sheet. In the dashboard sheet, the child rows will be grouped by countries - as they all belong to MEdia. Hope this makes sense. Is this possible?



  • Tukee

    Would it be possible to create a new, summary sheet that uses the "cell linking" feature to grab key data (parent fields) from the various sheets and consolidates that summary data into the new summary sheet. Once consolidated you can use a Dashboard to display or graph the data. I do this to present an Executive status without all the detail from all the individual projects. 

    I have also run reports that do a reasonable job of grabbing and summarizing certain data but the resulting product has less format options.


  • thanks for the response. However, I need all the corresponding child rows as well. the number of child rows are not fixed i.e., for Media, there could be 10 child rows today and 15 child rows tomorrow. I want all the child and parent rows for media from all the sheets in one sheet.