Automation from 15 smartsheets to 1 Master sheet

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I tried Zapier but ran into two issues.

1. all the sheets must be active all the time.. Zaps will not Zap unless a sheet is inactive.

2. I need the rows added to the master sheet added per division  NOT at the top or bottom..

What am I missing?

I know that I can copy and paste the rows which is ok.. Just wondering if the automation is available.

Thank you


  • lhammond

    I am trying to do this as well.  I am also looking to make sure that if any changes are made to the individual smart sheets, that they would carry over into the master (for example, changing start and end dates).


  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I believe I can do this with Zapier, depending on your exact use-case, if the number of children in a specific parent is fixed (even if that number is more than a few dozen)

    Alternatively, AppSheet may be a better solution. 15 sheets means likely 15 parents in the main sheet -- so 30 Zaps at a minimum.

    The problem with dates is that if Dependencies are enabled, your options become limited. To skirt this issue, I advocate setting up two versions of the project sheet - one with dependencies and when the schedule is approved, a version without. This limits the effort required if you need to make a new baseline (and also aides in what-if scenarios if it looks like you might)

    Contact Richard Rymill at Smarter Business Processes ( to be my time (or if AppSheet turns out to be part of the solution, to have someone else lead)