Updating Existing Data Using a Webform


I have a spreadsheet used to track people's progress on a project.  I have already set up a monthly update request that will go out to each person.  We also wanted to offer the option to update progress in between those update requests using a WebForm.  I have a row for each person and then the columns relate to steps in the project.  I would like to be able to have people click the webform to update their existing row without adding a new row to the table or without overriding any of their existing data.  Any suggestions on how to accomplish that?


  • Mike Wilday
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    This cannot be accomplished with a webform. Webforms only enter new rows. Have you thought about sending users a custom report with only their tasks? Maybe using the Current User filter? 



    The second item in that release talks about the Current User addition to smartsheets.

  • SALJ
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    I too am trying to make updating action items more user friendly.  Creating a webform to add "New" rows provides layout options and field controls that should be available when requesting and scheduling updates.  Creating an individual update request (selecting columns, setting the schedule, etc..) is laborious and does not provide the desired user experience (keep it simple) and controls.  The ability to create a webform that can be reused  (not recreated from scratch with very update request) for scheduling update requests is highly desirable.

  • Andrée Starå
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    Not sure I follow but you could create an Alert & Action to automate the Update Request process and decide what should be included in the request.

    Would that work?

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  • Hello, i'd like to reactive this disucssion to check if the forms are improving by updating existing data ?


  • Sara Stafford
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    I, too, would like to update existing rows with a webform.

    I have a division wide meeting held monthly that individuals will then breakout into three different meetings throughout the day. Over 200+ individuals attend this meeting and subsequent breakout sessions. Attendance to these meetings are tied to performance improvement metrics and I am looking to have this tracked in SmartSheet. As everything is virtual, we are hoping to have one form provided through a link or QR code that people can update their own attendance. This is to ensure the person who filled out the form is actually present via a link provided in the virtual meeting program. Providing everyone with Smartsheet access to update this sheet is not feasible. We cannot use row update field/contact list as we need to capture people who will not be on the list (alternate status or visitor/speaker).

    Is there a way to force a selection through one question that could then be logic linked throughout the rest of the form?

    For instance:

    1st question: Department: Selection options based on historical data. i.g.: Alpha, Beta, Charlie, Delta, etc.

    Next question: Name: Selection based on who they are with primary person input. i.g.: Kvothe, Other. If Kvothe is selected, a "P" would be automatically entered for that month row/column that is currently available for update. If Other is selected, a new row is placed to capture that attendance; preferably as a "child" to that "parent" established department.

    Does this exist? Can it? Thank you

    Sara Stafford

  • ssagers
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    One more vote up for the ability to update existing rows with a webform!