Calculating a % across several cells in the same row.

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Hi all,

I sure this is a very dumb question, however, I can't find anything on the forum about it. My formulae knowledge is a little basic so please bear with me.

I have a sheet which pulls in the totals of columns using a COUNTIFS statement (the content of the columns is from a drop-down list) The column can have 1 of 4 different values. I then populate 1 of 4 different columns with the total number of times that word appears in the source sheet. I then want to work out the percentage value from that 2 of the cells add up to as a percentage of the total across the four cells. I have included the formula that doesn't work, it seems logical it's just not spreadsheet parsable :-(

=SUM(([Non-Compliant]1, Compliant1, [Unable to Verify]1, [Not Applicable]1) / 100, *(Compliant1, [Not Applicable]1))

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards.. Ben.