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Individual Task List Report (aka "Look Ahead" Report)

Terri Pavlovic
Terri Pavlovic ✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

We have about 12 projects underway that are using Smartsheet.  I'm planning to send each resource on the projects a "look ahead" report that shows all the tasks they are responsible to complete over the next 2 weeks.


I've created the report. consolidating the sheets, but have two questions:


1) It looks like I need to create a separate report for EACH resource.  Is there a way to provide a list of names? But it still needs to generate individual reports.  If a separate report is needed for each person, it's manageable for now, but as we expand use of Smartsheet to more projects, there will be too many resources for this to work well.


2) Is there a way to include a link to the sheet in the report so they can update the tasks?  If I send the list via email, the links that show in the report disappear.





  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Terri! Each resource will need their own report, but once the report is built, it will continue to update automatically whenever it is opened. 


    What do you mean by "Is there a way to provide a list of names"?


    Links to the sheets are included in reports through the Sheet Name column, but hyperlinks are not included when sent or exported to PDF (with sheets or reports). You could include the sheet URL in the email when you send the report to users (in the email message box).

  • Terri Pavlovic

    Thanks Travis.  By the list of names, I was looking for a way to run individual task list reports for a list of people rather than creating a bunch of individual reports.  Based upon your response, it doesn't seem possible, so I'll need to create separate reports for each resource.


    Thanks for the tip on including the sheet URL, that will help!

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