RYG formula in response to a numbered cell

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I am having a bit of trouble figuring out how to write a formula to automate RYG symbols. Basically I want the rules to be as follows:

1. If value is less than 4, RED

2. If value is greater than 4 but less than 6, YELLOW

3. If value is greater than 6, GREEN

So far I have figured out how to do a single formula for 1 & 3 (written in the format of: =IF([13-Mar]1 > 6, "Green"), but not combined in the same cell and I  have not at all figured out how to write the formula for 2.

I hope that all makes sense... I can clarify further if needed.

Any guidance will be extremely appreciated!



  • Tom Holder
    edited 04/04/18

    Try this, I got a variation in my sheet to work


    =IF([13-Mar]1 <4, "Red", IF([13-Mar]1 =5, "Yellow", IF([13-Mar]1 >6, "Green")))


  • p_bureau



    What your are looking for is Nested If. In your case, this would look like :


    "= IF([13-Mar]1 > 6, "Green", IF([13-Mar]1 > 4, "Yellow", "Red") ) "


    Your should read this like : If [13-Mar]1 > 6 then Green, ElseIf [13-Mar]1 > 4 then Yellow, Else Red.


    Hope this helps!



  • rnye

    That was exactly what I needed!

    Thank you so much! You're a lifesaver!



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