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Is there a way to automate sending smartsheet data to another app or program to print custom Labels?   Either with a button or maybe a checkbox in a "ready to print" field. Ideally this would be per row once info has been entered. 


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    This is a fantastic question!  I think your best bet for something along these lines would be to create a Smartsheet Merge with Google Docs.  This would allow you to create a mail merge-type template to use with your Smartsheet.


    You can find further information on this at our Help Center here.


    Woudl this work for what you're looking to do?  If not, could I have you give me a little more information on what you'd like to achieve and I'd be glad to help.


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    Thank you - that's where I kept ending up. I'll play around with that.

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    I tried Smartsheet Merge for printing sheets with 6 labels, but I can not find out how to do this.

    E.g. I marked 6 rows in smartsheet, prepared a google doc with a table of 6 cells.

    Each cell contains the smartsheet merge fields.

    After running merge I got 6 sheets of paper, each sheet contails the same data in each table cell.

    Please give me some help how to get a solution and one sheet with the data of all six marked rows.

    Thank you very much.

  • To chime in here, I may opt for mail merge in excel or google sheets, but I am interested in using this for an atypical purpose that would benefit from customization. It would be wonderful to be able to completely customize the way these labels print out based on column and possibly even indicating how many of each label should print based on a drop down choice.

    I want to use this in a laboratory setting. Having my employee input samples that are set to be analyzed, each sample would require a certain number of labels based on tests performed on that type of sample.


    I realize this might be out of smartsheet's scope but perhaps there is an add on that could do this?


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    I've been printing address labels from smartsheet to dymo label printers. It would be nice to have a dedicated "print-label" type add on, but I've found the "smart paste" functionality in the dymo label software works pretty well.

    Select the set of cells you want to print (columns in the same row will print as separate lines on the label, rows will print as separate labels), copy the cells, then smart paste (via edit) in the dymo label software. You can't see a preview, but it will tell you how many labels will be printed (should be the same as sum of rows you selected). It does a pretty good job of suppressing empty rows and fitting what you've selected onto the label.

    You may have to produce a smartsheet report to get the data you want in a contiguous area if you source sheet is not appropriate to copy from.


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    Pardon the zombie thread post, but I resolved this issue with a series of workarounds. It requires Data Shuttle at a minimum, which my company has, but would work much better (probably) with Bridge (which my company doees not have).

    1) Sheet set up with a button such as a Flag in a column titled "Create Labels"

    2) Automation to copy this card to another sheet. Mine is called " Intake Label Transporter" and this is used to collect all the print jobs into a sort of print queue.

    3) Next we setup Data Shuttle to export from the Print Queue sheet (Intake Label Transporter) to a CSV file into a Google Drive. (This required a app script in this google drive account to repeatedly delete the trash of google drive because otherwise the sync from the next step didn't work right

    4) Using Google Drive we sync to the local machine, this CSV file containing each row of comma separated data as a different label. Parameters also include number of copies, printer to use, mappings, etc.

    5) Using Brady ID Automation, will be set to monitor this local sync-folder for csv files. Once it detects one, it scoops it up, parses and deletes it. Those data are used to print the custom data to whatever Brady Template is needed.