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Can you "call out" a community member's name in a discussion?

@Travis how do I "tag" you in a discussion?



  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi MMartinez -there isn’t a way to tag users in a discussion but I do read all comments and discussions so if you ever need to connect with me, just mention my name! Wink

  • Kelci Peterson
    edited 07/29/15

    Is it possible to tag users in a sheet?  For example, I want to create a comment/discussion post and say "@user, please review start/finish dates" so as to ensure the user sees the comment.

  • Zuk Zukowski
    edited 01/04/16

    Travis, any answer for this question (tagging registered users in a Discussion attached to a line in a sheet)?

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Zuk! Thanks for asking. Sorry I missed this, Kelci!


    No there is not a way to tag users in discussions but I will add your vote for this!


    You can set up notifications which can email users shared to the sheet when changes are made (such as new discussions) but they will send when any changes are made (not just ones where they are mentioned). 


    You can also set reminders which can email users assigned to a task based on a date column in the sheet (for example: email the user assigned to a task 1 day before the end date)

  • I would also like to be able to @mention a shared user in a Comments field for example, and have them notified of the mention.

  • You can add me to that list.  This would be a great feature.

  • Let's say there are 10 people in a project and 3 of them assigned to a task in it. 


    So, you are saying that when these 3 people discuss their task, there is no way to notify each other without spamming all other people?


    I can't believe you missed such a simple but important feature.

  • Jared Farmer
    edited 03/21/16

    I think it should function similar to the way facebook does with tagging a post. This way when collaborators update the discussion topic, all people tagged or who have contributed to the post get an update. This is how collaboration should work. Right now, it defaults to an email and the follow up is no longer on the discussion. It is in sense, off line. Am I missing something on this? 

  • +1 on Mentions and tagging. This is a crutial feature.

  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 03/25/16

    Votes added, everyone! 

  • Jen Sceviour
    edited 04/06/16

    I also vote for this.

  • This is a ridiculously important feature, especially with the implementation of Kanban boards. Please add this.

  • I'd also like this feature.



  • I have added your votes!


  • Scott Medd
    edited 08/18/16

    Can i add my vote to this as well please

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