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Hi there,

i have the following formula that i cant get to work. basically, i am raising a flag if a job is at one of multiple defined stages and withing a specific timeframe. its the multiple stages bit that i am stuck with.


current formula as follows


=IF(AND($[Cust Requested Date]$1 + $[Column54]$9 > [Cust Requested Date]30, Stage= "Acceptance" OR "Client Meet"), 1, 0)






  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi Blair,

    Looks like you need a specific cell reference for "Stage" as well as an OR function in your formula. Here's an example of what this might look like:

    =IF(AND($[Cust Requested Date]$1 + $[Column54]$9 > [Cust Requested Date]30, OR(Stage1= "Acceptance", Stage1= "Client Meet")), 1)

    You also don't need the 0 at the end.

    Edit the "Stage" cell reference to make sure that it references the desired cell in your sheet.

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