Multiple Stacked IF formula with OR function


I have got a column called [Status Code] which has a single letter between A-J in it.

I then have an adjacent cell where I want to return a specific name depending on which letter is in the previous cell. However I have tried various combinations and cant seem to get it to work. It is nearly there but still erroring. I have checked that the IF and OR functions work on their own but cant seem to bring them all into one line.  

=IF([Status Code]1 = "A", "Greg", IF(OR([Status Code]1 ="B",[Status Code]= "E"), "Carys", IF(OR([Status Code]1 = "C",[Status Code]1 = "D",[Status Code]1 = "F",[Status Code]1 = "H"), "Olivia", IF([Status Code]1 = "G", "Barry", "Warren"))))

can someone spot what is wrong with my formula and help get this working would be much appreciated.



  • Chris McKay
    Chris McKay ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Warren,

    You're just missing a 1 in your second IF statement:

    =IF([Status Code]1 = "A", "Greg", IF(OR([Status Code]1 ="B",[Status Code]1= "E"), "Carys", IF(OR([Status Code]1 = "C",[Status Code]1 = "D",[Status Code]1 = "F",[Status Code]1 = "H"), "Olivia", IF([Status Code]1 = "G", "Barry", "Warren"))))

  • Warren Parsons

    Awesome thanks Chris.

    Sorry was late at night UK time, and failed to spot this simple error!!

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