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Interface between Filemaker and Smartsheet


I am curious as to whether anyone uses both Filemaker and Smartsheet, and if they have found a way to interface filemaker and smartsheet? 


Thank you


  • Amy Johnson

    I checked Zapier which has a lot of integrations and didnt see anything. If Filemaker has an API, you could build a custom solution. I checked Filemakers website and you can export your data to Excel, which can then be imported into Smartsheet. 

  • Evan Goldstein

    Hi Jody,


    Did you have any sucess integrating with Filemaker?

    I have a client that wants to get data from Smartsheets, and see it in Filemaker.

    Filemaker has ODBC drivers to connect to SQL, Oracle, MSSQL.

    Does Smartsheets only allow access via their LIve Data Connector?





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