Formula for Automatic Date Entry

I have 2 columns to be used in this formula:

One is for the Date Completed in Date Format, and the other is the task Completed checkbox column.

I would like to create a formula that automatically enters the date as Today's Date in the Date Completed column if it is empty, and the Checkbox is checked.

I've tried to do this, but I get #INCORRECT ARGUMENT SET

It is in the Date Completed column: =IF(ISBLANK(), IF(Completed6 = 1), TODAY())

Am I on the right track?



  • Chris McKay
    Chris McKay ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    If you are looking for a way of capturing the date the checkbox is checked and then stopping the date from updating, it is significantly more difficult than it first appears. Remeber that using TODAY() in a formula means the date will update dynamically when the date ticks over.

    Regardless, your formula above was not going to work. If you are trying to use a formula to determine whether the cell it resides in is blank, you're going to create a CIRCULAR REFERENCE error. You'll need to create a new column where the formula will reside and then have it reference both the Completed and Date Completed columns.

    There are no functions or formulas that I know of within Smartsheet to capture a static date when an action is completed.

    Others have used third-party tools like Zapier to do this. A quick search reveals as a possible solution.

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