IF formulas

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Tried looking for my question hoping it was already answered, loving how Smartsheet community works.

I'm new to Smartsheet and need help with an IF formula.

My company has several titles (positions). In the Title column there is a drop down menu for 5 Titles.  In another column, I have their Rounded Hours for per line.

I have created three separate columns that will eventually subtotal hours per Title.

So, if Title $1, enter the Rounded Hours for that line. if Title $2, enter the Rounded Hours for that line (we are temporarily combining Title $1 and Title $2). If Title $3 $4 or $5, enter 0 for that line.

This is what I tried.

=IF(Title8=Title$1,[Hours-Rounded]8, IF(Title8=Title$2,[Hours-Rounded]8, IF(Title8=Title$3,"0", IF(Title8=Title$4,"0" IF(Title8=Title$5,"0")))))

Thanks so much!




  • Hi Danielle,

    Try removing the quotes around your numbers. Only text strings should have quotes around them in Smartsheet formulas.

    There's also a missing comma between your second-to-last and last IF statements:

    =IF(Title8=Title$1,[Hours-Rounded]8, IF(Title8=Title$2,[Hours-Rounded]8, IF(Title8=Title$3,0, IF(Title8=Title$4,0, IF(Title8=Title$5,0)))))