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Amy Gratz
Amy Gratz ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

I have vendors fill out a form every time they have a shipment leaving their building. I want to create a widget on the dashboard for our leaders that show the total number of cartons leaving our vendors each day. (Bar Graph)

But first, how do I create a report or formula to sum cartons by date, without me providing the date to begin with?

We could have 10 shipments leaving on 1 day or we could have 0 so I want this number to calculate automatically without me having to provide a date field first especially since this is an ongoing form every day of the year.


  • Chris McKay
    Chris McKay ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Amy,

    You'll want to create a Metric inside the data sheet (usually at the top above your data). Then you'll want to have a formula that counts the shipments that are sent on today's date. Something like this:

    =COUNTIF([Confirm Ship Date]:[Confirm Ship Date], TODAY())

    Put this in a cell (not in the Ship Date column) and it will always show a count of shipments sent today (updating when the date ticks over).

    You can then point your Dashboard Metric Widget at this cell.

    Kind regards,

    Chris McKay

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