Event Registration - Link to Webinar

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I'm using the Event Registration template for people to sign up for a webinar and I'd like to send registrants a link to the webinar after they register. The only way it works is if I include the option to send a confirmation. BUT, the person registering has to click that box and I can't make it a required checkbox. I know I can put the webinar info and link on the confirmation page, but then they have to copy all of that off the web page. Any ideas for how to automatically send them an email with the webinar link and dial-in info using the Event Registration sheet with the form? It would be nice if the form section had an option for the creator to push an email out to those who complete the form automatically without requiring the person filling in the form to request it.

I know I can do it manually with each person who registers by grabbing their email and manually sending it, but I was hoping to automate the process.