Smartsheet/JIRA Connector: Putting tickets into their sprints instead of in the backlog

Rebecca Knauer
edited 12/09/19 in API & Developers

We have set up a connection between Smartsheet and JIRA and whenever a row on our Smartsheet becomes a ticket in JIRA, it automatically populates in the backlog instead of within the sprint we've defined within Smartsheet. Is there a way to get around this? I saw a thread that I think was related to this which mentioned that this is a limitation of the JIRA API. If that is correct, would love to hear if this is still a limitation or not...or if there's a workaround to help solve this issue.


  • Anthony M.
    Anthony M. Employee Admin

    Hi Rebecca,

    Sprints are actually a single direction sync from left(Jira) to right(Smartsheet). So, they will sync over to your sheet, but your new issues created in Smartsheet will not have the Sprint sync back to Jira. You will be required to change it manually from within Jira.

    Hopefully that answers your question!